(FAQ) How can I improve WorldClient's performance?

Are there any tips I can use to improve WorldClient's performance?

  1. Defragment the disk where the users' folders reside at least once a week.
  2. Configure the MDaemon server to use 'best performance' on background applications (this is the default setting on most server operating systems).
    1. Right-click My Computer
    2. Select Properties
    3. Select the Advanced tab
    4. In the Performance section click the Settings button
    5. Click the Advanced tab
    6. Select 'Background services' at the top of the dialog
    7. Click Apply
    8. Click OK
  3. If you have users with a large number of messages and/or folders, these user-configurable options may improve performance for those users:
    1. Log into the account in WorldClient
    2. Click Options
    3. Click Personalize
    4. Enable 'Skip initial mail check'
    5. Enable 'Collapse mail folders'