MDaemon 12.5.x: Active Directory Monitoring for MDaemon accounts

MDaemon can monitor Active Directory for account data. All of MDaemon's access to Active Directory is one way - from Active Directory to MDaemon. MDaemon in no way alters the schema files. MDaemon's Account Manager monitors Active Directory, automatically mirroring additions and changes. MDaemon also provides options for handling deleted accounts.

  1. In MDaemon, open the Accounts menu.
  2. Select Account Settings...

  3. Select Active Directory
  4. Enable Monitor Active Directory for user account changes.

  5. By default, accounts are placed within MDaemon's primary domain. If you'd like the accounts to use the AD domain name when creating the account instead, enable Use Active Directory domain names when creating accounts.
  6. Enter the domain which MDaemon should monitor for AD accounts in the Windows domain for dynamic authentication field. You may use a Windows domain name or NT_ANY for any domain MDaemon can connect to (assuming it has the appropriate rights).
  7. Fill in the desired time to refresh in the Query Active Directory for new data every XX seconds field or leave it at the default which is 30 seconds.

  8. When an account is deleted in Active Directory you can have MDaemon perform one of these four options:
    • ... Do nothing (leave account settings untouched)
    • ... Delete them from MDaemon also (this also deletes the account's mail)
    • ... Disable the account (account can't send or receive mail)
    • ... Freeze the account (account can receive but can't collect mail)

  9. To have disabled AD accounts also freeze in MDaemon, enable the check box for Freeze disabled accounts.

  10. Click the Perform full AD scan now button to have MDaemon immediately scan the Active Directory database and perform the appropriate Account Management actions.

Additional Comments

This article refers to MDaemon 12.x and above. For information on how to resolve this in previous versions, please see the link below.