MDaemon 10.x: Using DirReorg to Move Mailboxes to Different Drive Results in Error

When attempting to move user mailboxes to a different hard drive on the same machine using the DirReorg utility (which is included with MDaemon) with the /Q switch, you receive an error for each user when running the utility:

Error moving MailDir for user01@example.com

The user directories are not moved to the new path.

This occurs even though when using the /T switch to test, you receive the response 'Would move C:\MDaemon\Users\Domain\User to D:\Newpath\domain\user01 for user user01@example.com.'

There is a known issue when trying to use DirReorg.exe to move mailboxes from one drive to another. This issue was fixed in version 10.0.1.
If using MDaemon 10.x follow these steps:

  1. Update the Mailbox path under the account default section. In MDaemon 10, the steps to do so are:
    1. Open the MDaemon console
    2. Click Accounts
    3. Click Account Settings...
    4. Under New Account Defaults select Mailbox
    5. On the right hand pane, enter the new mailbox path in Mail folder template
    6. Click OK
  2. At this point, either freeze the Inbound queue so that new messages are not placed into users' mailbox folders, or shut down the MDaemon service.
    1. To freeze the Incoming queue:
      1. Click Queues
      2. Click Freeze Inbound Queue
      3. If prompted to confirm, click Yes
    2. To shut down MDaemon:
      1. Click File
      2. Click Stop MDaemon
    3. Copy the users' mailboxes to the new path through Windows
    4. Run DirReorg /F to force DirReorg to change the path to the users' mailboxes in the Userlist.dat file.
    5. Start MDaemon if you stopped it, or unfreeze the Inbound queue.
      1. To unfreeze the queue:
        1. Click Queues
        2. Click Freeze Inbound Queue
    The mailboxes will now be moved to their new location. 

Additional Comments

If you are using an earlier version of MDaemon, please refer to your help file for instructions on how to find those options.

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