MDaemon 12.x : How to run MDSpamD on a separate machine

This article explains the steps required to run MDaemon's MDSpamD on a separate machine.  If you have a considerable amount of email to process or more than one MDaemon on your LAN, this may be useful.

You will need to copy the SpamAssassin folder in the \MDaemon directory from the MDaemon server to another machine, making sure you copy all sub folders as well.

For this example we will copy the Spam Assassin folder from the default C:\MDaemon\SpamAssassin to the E:\SpamAssassin directory on a different machine.

A batch file will need to be created with the commands below.

The batch file will be named run-spammd.cmd

Inside the batch will include these set of commands

cd E:\SpamAssassin
mdspamd -C e:\SpamAssassin\rules -x -m5 -D -A -i

-A is your Lan Network you will allow connections to the MDSpamD

  • Note: You can also use a Single Host IP or what ever CIDR notation you chose.

-i is the the IP address MDSpamD is listening on without this IP it will only listen on With out specifying an IP, SpamAssassin (MDSpamD.exe) will not allow any connections.

From inside of the MDaemon GUI:

  1. Click on Security.
  2. Click on Spam Filter...
  3. Select Spam Daemon on the left.
  4. Type the IP address or Host name in the Host or IP space.
  5. Also provide the Port number [xxx]. Port 783 is the default port.
  6. Uncheck Listen on and accept connections only from
  7. Click OK.

Additional Comments

For more information on switches for MDSpamD

Using MDSpamD on a separate machine has some limitations such as not being able to train the Bayesian engine or add to the whitelist or blacklist.

This article refers to MDaemon 12.x and above. For information on how to resolve this in previous versions, please see the link below.