MDaemon 10.x: Setting up IP Shielding

IP Shielding is used to require mail from specific domains to be from specific IP addresses.

From the MDaemon menu bar:

  1. Open the MDaemon console.
  2. Click Security.
  3. Click Security Settings...
  4. Select IP Shield on the left.
  5. Enter your domain name in the Domain name field.
  6. Enter your internal IP Address range in the IP address field.
  7. Click Add.
  8. Click OK.

Note: Wildcards like *.example.com and* are OK.

Additional Comments

An IP Shield is a list of domain names and matching IP addresses. These values are searched during the SMTP MAIL FROM: command. An SMTP session claiming to be from someone at one of the listed domains will be honored only if it is also coming from a machine with one of the associated IP addresses. For example, suppose your domain name is example.com and that your local LAN computers use IP addresses in the range from to With this information you can setup the IP Shield to associate the domain name example.com with the IP address range* (wildcards are allowed). Thus anytime a computer connects to your SMTP server and states: 'MAIL FROM: ' the SMTP session will progress only if the connecting computer is one with an IP address within the range from to

This article refers to MDaemon 10.x and above. For information on how to resolve this in previous versions, please see the link below.

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