MDaemon 10.x: How to set up Postmaster and Abuse aliases in MDaemon

Each domain hosted on your MDaemon server should have a postmaster and an abuse alias.  The steps below describe how to configure the aliases.

  1. Click Accounts.
  2. Click Account Settings...
  3. Click Aliases on the left.
  4. In the New alias field enter postmaster@domain.com, where domain.com is your domain name. You may also enter postmaster@$LOCALDOMAIN$ to match any domain registered in MDaemon.
  5. In the Actual address field, type in the email address that should receive messages addressed to the postmaster (This is usually the email administrator's address). You may also use the drop-down menu to choose an account setup in MDaemon.
  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for abuse@domain.com.
  7. Click Add.
  8. Click OK.

Additional Comments

This article refers to MDaemon 10.x and above. For information on how to resolve this in previous versions, please see the link below.

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