(FAQ) MDaemon 10.x: What are some of the new features in WorldClient

What are some of the new features in WorldClient 10.x?

We have improved WorldClient in a number of ways, and added a number of features with the release of MDaemon 10.x. They are as follows:

  • The login page now has Theme and Language selection boxes that allow users to choose which theme they want to use, and which language they want to display text in. These may be disabled by editing the Domains.ini file in the \MDaemon\WorldClient folder and adding HideLoginTheme=Yes and HideLoginLanguage=Yes.

  • The PocketPC theme has been renamed to 'Mobile', and is available as an option in the theme selector in WorldClient under Options | Personalize, or from the login screen in the Theme dropdown.

  • The Simple theme has been updated to be more handicapped-accessible and work better with Braille screen-readers and font-magnification systems. Users may also disable the use of style-sheets in their browsers without losing accessibility. Several actions that previously created a new window, such as composing a new message or editing groupware items, will now take place in the main browser window, due to the removal of Javascript code.

  • WorldClient will now display reoccurring events properly when they have been changed through Outlook using Outlook Connector.

  • The option to display messages in a threaded format has been added to all themes but Mobile. Message-threading will display all messages with the same subject in one group.

In addition, the Lookout theme has a number of new changes as well:

  • The coding framework for the module has been redesigned for faster loading speed and changing to various views.

  • Lookout is now compatible with Apple's Safari 3.x browser on both Windows and Mac.

  • You may now drag-and-drop contacts, calendar events, and note items between resources. When dragging an item, any resource that cannot accept the selected item will be grayed out automatically, and multiple items can be selected by highlighting them before dragging them.

    Note that you may also copy items, as opposed to moving them, by holding down the Control key on the keyboard.

  • By popular demand, the contact view has been turned back into a list and two more columns have been added to the view: company name and business phone number.

  • The spell-check language selector and the file-attachment count in the Compose window have been moved to the right of the address fields to allow more room for the composition window. The composition window also now scales dynamically with the size of the compose window.

  • A new option has been added to Options | Personalize to set the delay by seconds for marking a message as read.

  • When message-threading is enabled, new messages that are part of an existing thread will cause the subject to show as underlined to indicate a new message in that thread.

  • You may now use the 'm' key on the keyboard to mark a message as read or unread.

  • A new context-menu item has been added: 'Re-Order Columns'. This will bring up a window that will let you drag-and-drop the column order MDaemon uses for that particular folder's messages. You may access this by right-clicking in any message folder and choosing the option from the bottom of the pop-up menu.