What are the recommended Host Screen settings for MDaemon?

What entries can I use in MDaemon's Host Screen settings to block spammers or other malicious senders?

In the \MDaemon\App directory, locate the HostScreen.dat file and edit it with a text editor. Add the following entries:

all localhost refuse
all friend refuse
all user refuse
all ylmf-pc refuse
all -* refuse
all *_* refuse
all #.#.#.# refuse
all *.invalid refuse
all *# refuse
all */* refuse
all *|* refuse

Save the file, and either restart MDaemon or create an empty text file named hostscreen.sem in the MDaemon\App directory to reload the contents of the HostScreen.dat file.

If you are uncomfortable editing the file directly, then you may add the entries through the MDaemon console.

  1. Click Security
  2. Click Security Settings
  3. In the left hand pane, locate the Screening section
  4. Click on Host Screen
  5. In the Local IP drop down box, select All IPs
  6. In the Remote host box, enter one of the recommended values between 'all' and 'refuse' from the above list
  7. Select the Refuse EHLO/PTR value radio button
  8. Click Add
  9. Repeat the steps for each recommended value
  10. Click Ok


Additional Comments

Note that there may be a chance of false positive hits, but it is minimal.