Upgrading to a newer version of MDaemon

This article explains how to upgrade an existing version of MDaemon to a newer version of the software.

Before upgrading MDaemon, verify you have current Software License Renewal. You can do this in MDaemon under Help | Register your Alt-N Products.

If your Software License Renewal has expired, you do have the option to renew. Please contact sales@helpdesk.altn.com or visit http://www.altn.com/Purchase/Software/UpgradeProtection/ to find all available pricing options.

Also review the release notes for the version on our website to evaluate how you will be affected by any feature changes. A link to the release notes will be provided during the upgrade process, but you can also find the latest release notes at: http://files.altn.com/MDaemon/Release/RelNotes_en.txt

To upgrade:

   1. Backup entire MDaemon directory structure.
   2. Download latest MDaemon from altn.com's download page (http://www.altn.com/Downloads/ExistingCustomers/).
   3. Install, and make sure to select the same location where MDaemon is already installed.
   4. After files are copied and the conversions have run (if necessary), MDaemon will be successfully upgraded with your old settings intact.

Additional Comments

If you are running WorldClient, WebAdmin, ActiveSync, and/or Autodiscover on IIS, be sure to 'unload' under the IIS Home Directory settings before running the upgrade. This should prevent MDaemon from forcing a reboot on upgrade.