Windows 10 Creator Update and Outlook Connector

07/27/2017 Update:  Outlook Connector 4.5.1 has been released, which addresses problems with the creator update.  Click here to download version 4.5.1

07/20/2017 Update:  An updated client installer has been made available to address issues with the Windows creator update.  Please contact support@helpdesk.altn.com or submit a Technical Support request form for instructions on how to obtain the installer.


The Creators Update for Microsoft Windows 10 has introduced various technical issues that are being reported to Alt-N's Technical Support staff. This recent update introduced by Microsoft has been impacting all third-party Outlook users, including MDaemon customers using the Outlook Connector for MDaemon plug-in.

Alt-N's development and technical teams are working to find a solution to address the issues as soon as possible.  Updates, fixes, and/or work arounds will be updated here when available.

We recommend that you delay the Creators Update installation, if at all possible, until we have identified a fix to this issue. 

If you are experiencing issues, we have had success with the following work-arounds for some customer environments.  Please be advised, suggestions and reported work-around results may vary.

  • There have been reports that uninstalling and reinstalling Office and Outlook Connector, or just installing a new version of Outlook Connector fixes hanging/crashing/search related issues.
  • Other reports that upgrading from the 32-bit version of Outlook and/or Outlook Connector to the 64-bit versions fixes reported issues.
  • Selecting the options to load PIM and IMAP folders synchronously.  To do this, follow the steps below.
    • Select the Outlook Connector Toolbar
    • Select Accounts
    • Click the Folders tab
    • Check Load PIM Folders Synchronously
    • Check Load IMAP Folders Synchronously
  • Disable hardware graphic setting in Outlook: File / Options / Advanced / Display / Disable hardware graphics acceleration (check/enable this setting)
  • Disable all Outlook add-ins, except the Outlook Connector for MDaemon add-in should be listed under "Active Application Add-ins." 
    • Additionally, the following 4 add-ins should always be disabled:
      • Microsoft Exchange Add-in (UmOutlookAddin.dll)
      • Microsoft SharePoint Server Colleague Import Add-in (ColleagueImport.dll)
      • Microsoft VBA for Outlook Add-in (OUTLVBA.DLL)
      • Outlook Social Connector 2016 (SOCIALCONNECTOR.DLL)
    • Users have reported that they had to unregister the DLLs in the step above in order to disable them.
      • To do this open a command prompt, go to the file path and enter regsvr32 /u filename.dll (replace filename.dll with the DLL above).
  • Remove both personal and public folders from the Address book.
    • Right click on the Calendar
    • Select Properties
    • Click Outlook Address Book
    • Uncheck Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book