Configuring MailStore Service Provider Edition with MDaemon

MailStore SPE is MailStore’s Service Provider Edition.  It allows Administrators to host a mail archive for different client sites.  MailStore SPE can interact with MDaemon and MDaemon Private Cloud versions using Application Integration directory services.  

This article is broken up into three sections which will demonstrate steps to configure MailStore SPE server with MDaemon and MDaemon Private Cloud.

Preparing MDaemon: Setting up MailStore integration

If running MDaemon Private Cloud, skip this section entirely and move onto the next section titled "Configuring MailStore SPE."  MDaemon Private Cloud includes MailStore integration in the installer.

  1. Explore to http://files.altn.com/MDaemon/release/
  2. Download either mailstoreintegration.zip (for x32 bit) or mailstoreintegrationx64.zip (for x64 bit) depending on the version of MDaemon running.
  3. Extract the file to the \MDaemon\WorldClient\HTML directory.
  4. Edit the \MDaemon\WorldClient\WorldClient.ini file in a text editor by adding the following to the [WebServer] section:
    ·         CgiBase6=/MailStoreIntegration.dll
    ·         CgiFile6=C:\MDaemon\WorldClient\HTML\MailStoreIntegration.dll
  5. Save the file 

Configuring MailStore SPE

MailStore SPE uses ‘Instances’ for each domain that will be setup to use MailStore in MDaemon. 

  1. Using a Global Admin account, launch the MailStore SPE Management Console.
  2. In the General section, select Instances
  3. Click Create Instance
  4. Assign the instance a unique ID.
  5. On the next screen:
    ·         Assign a unique URL Alias
    ·         Base Directory (where the archive will be stored)
  6. After the Instance is created, select it and click Start in the toolbar.
  7. After the Instance is started, notice more options in the below window when selected.
  8. Click the Archive Access tab
  9. Click Enable
  10. Click ‘Download Client’ (if not already downloaded)
  11. Click Open Client
  12. Select MailStore
  13. Click OK  

Linking MailStore SPE with MDaemon

MailStore uses Application Integration to link it with MDaemon over HTTPS.  These steps will require an SSL connection. 

MDaemon and MDaemon Private Cloud are designed differently.  MDaemon Private Cloud will allow Global AND Domain Administrators to archive mail. MDaemon will only allow Global Administrators to archive mail.

  1. After opening the MailStore client, expand Administrative Tools, Users and Privileges.
  2. Select Directory Services
  3. Select Application Integration within the Directory Services Type: section.
  4. For the URL: section use
    ·         https://mdaemonserver/MailStoreIntegration.dll
    ·         replace mdaemonserver above to the WorldClient URL
  5. Check the box regarding ‘Ignore SSL warnings’ if there will be SSL warnings.
  6. Check the box for Server requires authentication.
  7. For the User Name and Password fields:
    ·         MDaemon Private Cloud will allow an MDaemon global administrator account or a domain administrator account for the domain’s MailStore Instance.
    ·         MDaemon will only allow an MDaemon global administrator account to archive data.
  8. If properly configured, by clicking on the Test Settings button should result in a pass.
  9. Click Synchronize Now and MailStore will sync all users for that domain.