How to enable MDaemon PGP, configure who can use MDPGP, and create keys for specific users

Introduced in MDaemon 15.5.0, MDPGP allows MDaemon to perform basic OpenPGP encryption, decryption, and key management tasks.  

The steps below will detail how to enable MDPGP, configure who can use MDPGP, and create public/private keys for a specific user.

  1. Select Security
  2. Select MDPGP
  3. Check the Enable MDPGP check box
  4. Select Configure who can use MDPG button to open the \MDaemon\Pem\_mdpgp\rules.txt file

    - specific tags and examples are detailed in this file
    - configure the user(s) as needed
    - save the file
    - close the text editor to return to the MDPGP menu

  5. Select Create key for a specific user
  6. Choose the local user from the drop down list
  7. If you would like the public key emailed to the user, leave the (Optional) Email public-key to key owner after creation checked.
  8. Select OK