(FAQ) How can I move MDaemon's mailboxes to a different drive?

MDaemon contains a program called DirReorg that will assist with reorganizing the user directories to the default mail folder for new users.  To verify/change the current new user directory path:

  1. Select Accounts
  2. Select Groups & Templates
  3. Expand Template Manager
  4. Expand New Accounts
  5. View/Edit the Mail Folder text box

Follow the steps bellow to change the directory path for the current MDaemon users to the current default directory path. 

  1. Shut down MDaemon
  2. Make a copy of the \MDaemon\App\userlist.dat file and a backup of the \MDaemon\Users directory.
  3. Open a command prompt
  4. Use the change directory command (cd) to navigate to the \MDaemon\App folder.
    For example: cd c:\mdaemon\app (assuming MDaemon is installed on the root C:\ directory)
  5. Enter dirreorg.exe /Q
    DirReorg moves the mailboxes to the default location for new accounts (See above).
  6. Review the new mailbox structure, ensuring that the files are in the correct place.
  7. Start MDaemon

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