(FAQ) How to blacklist a sender’s address in WebMail

This article explains how to add a sender’s address to your personal blacklist in WorldClient

Method 1:

  1. Log in to your WorldClient account

  2. Click BlackList

    Note: if the BlackList contact folder is not available in your WorldClient, follow these steps:

    1. Click Options

    2. Click Folders

    3. Enable the BlackList contact folder (if using Hide Unsubscribed Folders)

    4. Click Save

  3. Click New

  4. Type the sender’s email address you wish to blacklist into the E-mail field

  5. Click Save and Close

Method 2:

  1. Log in to your WorldClient account
  2. Open an email from a sender you wish to place in your BlackList
  3. Mouse over the sender's address
  4. Click Add to BlackList

Note: When adding a sender’s address to the blacklist folder, MDaemon will reject the message at the SMTP level.