MDaemon Antivirus Installation Guide

MDaemon AntiVirus provides the next generation of antivirus and spam protection for the MDaemon Email Server by halting viruses on all inbound and outbound email at the server before it's passed on to the client, providing a shield to stop security trouble before it starts. It blocks virtually all known dangers and prevents infestation by newly released threats by combining multiple powerful security safeguards including, Recurrent Pattern Detection Technology (RPD), Zero-Hour Virus Outbreak Protection, Inline Virus Scanning, Cyren AntiVirus and ClamAV AntiVirus Engines, and more. MDaemon AntiVirus is available in multiple languages and proactively protects email users against viruses, spam, phishing attacks, spyware, and other types of unwanted and harmful email. 

Please note - SecurityPlus was renamed MDaemon Antivirus with the release of MDaemon 18.0.0 and is included in the installation of this version.  A valid registration key is still required to activate the AntiVirus features.

Enabling MDaemon AntiVirus (MDaemon 18.0.0 and above)

  1. Open MDaemon
  2. Select Help
  3. Select Register Your MDaemon products
  4. Select the AntiVirus tab.
  5. Insert the MDaemon AntiVirus key.
  6. Click OK to restart MDaemon with the AntiVirus features enabled.

Installing SecurityPlus (MDaemon versions 17.5 and below)

  1. Launch the MDaemon AntiVirus/SecurityPlus installer.
    Prior versions can be found here; http://archive.altn.com/antivirus/Archive/
  2. Step through the installation wizard
  3. When the installation has completed, MDaemon will restart to enable SecurityPlus.

(Optional) Configuring a signature update schedule:

  1. Select Setup
  2. Select Event Scheduling 
  3. Expand AntiVirus Scheduling
  4. Select AntiVirus updates to enable/disable and/or configure how long the feature should wait between updates.
  5. Select Schedule
  6. Choose what day you wish the schedule to run on or select Every day to have the schedule run every day
  7. Enter the start-time and end-time of the schedule under Starting at... and Ending at... This should be in 24-hour time (ie, 9:00 for 9am, 13:00 for 1pm, 15:00 for 3pm)
  8. Set how many intervals the schedule should run during the above hours by entering the number of minutes between intervals in Recurring every... For example, if you want to check for viruses every hour, enter 60 in this field.
  9. Select Add
  10. Repeat steps 4 through 8 if you wish to add more schedules
    • It is recommended to let MDaemon AntiVirus check for updates every 24 hours. This should be enough, although many people choose to schedule an update every 4 hours
  11. Select OK