MDaemon 13.6: Resetting all ActiveSync device usage stats for all users

A new setting was added which will let an Administrator select a day of the month when MDaemon will automatically reset all ActiveSync device usage stats for all users across all domains. This can be configured for any day of the month.

From the MDaemon GUI:

  1. Select Setup
  2. Select Mobile Device Management 
  3. Expand ActiveSync
  4. Select Options
  5. For Reset usage stats for all devices on this day of the month (1-31, 0=never), set the preferred day
  6. Select Apply
  7. Select OK 

Additional Comments

If the day is set to 31 and the month ends before day 31 then the last day of the month is used as the reset date. The reset event takes place as part of the normal midnight maintenance and is logged to the System log like other maintenance routines. The setting is set to 0 (disabled) by default.