Configuring user's passwords to expire after X amount of days

MDaemon version 14.0 and above added a feature to make user passwords expire after X amount of days. Administrators also have the option to warn users X amount of days before the password does expire. Take care with this option. If a user's password expires they will not be able to check or send mail until the password is changed which may not be easily possible for them to do. Accounts setup for dynamic authentication are not subject to password expiration.

From the MDaemon configuration session:

  1. Select Accounts
  2. Select Account Options
  3. Select Passwords
  4. Within the Passwords expire after this many days field, enter a day amount. (0=passwords never expire)
  5. Within the Warn users of password expiration each day for field, enter a day amount. (0=never)
  6. Select OK