(FAQ) Configuring colorized log sessions

The UI tabs which display Routing, SMTP-in, SMTP-out, IMAP, POP, MultiPOP, and DomainPOP activity may now use some colors to help visually separate events during a session. Use this article to configure colorized log sessions. 

Because attributes necessary to the use of colors may be specified only at the time the window is initially created toggling the use of colors on/off requires an MDaemon restart before it will take effect. 

From the MDaemon console:

  1. Select Setup
  2. Select Servers Settings
  3. Expand Logging
  4. Select Options
  5. Check Use colors when displaying mail session logs
  6. Select OK
  7. Restart MDaemon

The default text colors can be changed by editing the LogColors.dat file with a text editor. This file can be found within the MDaemon\APP directory. Default colors are as follows:


Background=0x000000 Background color; black
SelectedBackground=0xff0000 Selected background color; blue
Default=0xffffff Default text color; white
Processing=0x00ffff Internal processing and parsing activity; default is yellow
DataIn=0x008040 Incoming data from other server; default is dark green
DataOut=0x00ff00 Outgoing data sent to other server; default is bright green
Error=0x0000ff Error messages; default is red
TCPIP=0xff8000 TCP/UDP/DNS/PTR related activity; default is light blue
SpamFilter=0x0080ff Spam filtering; default is orange
AntiVirus=0xdda0dd AntiVirus processing; default is plum
DKIM=0xff00ff DomainKeys and DKIM activity; default is fuchsia
VBR=0x40c0ff Vouch by Reference activity; default is light orange
SPF=0x0808080 Sender Policy Framework activity; default is grey
Plugins=0x0080c0 Any message sent from a plugin; default is brown
Localq=0x00ffff Local queue routing; default is yellow
Spam=0x0080ff Spam message routing; default is orange
Restricted=0x40c0ff Restricted message routing; default is light orange
BlackList=0x808080 Blacklisted message routing; default is grey
Gateway=0x00ff00 Gateway message routing; default is light green
Inboundq=0xff8000 Inbound message routing; default is light blue


Public folder message routing; default is plum


Additional Comments

If you want to use colors but don't want to colorize one or more of the above elements just set the corresponding values to zero. For example: SpamFilter=0 (the Default color will be used). That trick doesn't work for Background or SelectedBackground. If you want to change those two you have to provide a new color value. The color values are specified in hexadecimal of this form: 0xbbggrr where bb is the relative intensity for blue, gg for green, and rr for red. So it's a COLORREF basically. There are many sites online which provide lists of hex values for colors. Watch the byte order though as many provide them in #rrggbb form. Changing colors requires a restart of MDaemon or creation of a file called COLORS.SEM in the APP folder. The main UI utilizes colors in real time as the log string is actually constructed and displayed however the configuration session which reads log files from disk must read the color value from a new bit placed just after the time-stamp in the logged string. As a result, a configuration session will not be able to colorize portions of log files created prior to MDaemon 13.5.0.