How to enable mail reporting and view reports in Remote Administration

Released with version 13.6.0, MDaemon can log statistics information to a SQLite database file. By default this database is stored in the \MDaemon\StatsDB folder and 30 days of data will be retained. Data older than this will be removed during the nightly maintainence process. An Administrator can specify a custom interval of data stored.

Remote Administration reporting has been enhanced for bandwidth reporting, inbound vs. outbound messages, good messages vs. junk messages (percentage of email that is spam or a virus), and top spam sources (domains). 

To configure enhanced Remote Administration reporting:

  1. Select Setup
  2. Select Server Settings 
  3. Expand Logging
  4. Select Statistics Log
  5. Select Create 'Statistics' database file (required for reporting)
  6. Under During nightly maintenance: configure compacting and retention settings as desired.
  7. Select Apply
  8. Select OK 

Viewing enhanced WebAdmin reporting:

  1. Login to Remote Administration as a Global Administrator.
  2. Select Reports to gain access to various reports performed by Remote Administration.