ActiveSync Basic Connection Troubleshooting

Every device has a unique error when it can't authenticate or connect with MDaemon's ActiveSync server. A lot of times, the error is something very generic, such as 'Can't connect to server'. This article details a few things to verify if the devices are issuing this error.

  • Is ActiveSync enabled?

    A lot of times, ActiveSync is not enabled on the server either globally or disabled by domain. The error within the AirSync.log file would be something similar to:

    Mon 2013-07-29 10:26:43: WARNING, [001234X3] 0x81310082 Authentication: Domain example.com does not have permission to use ActiveSync
    Mon 2013-07-29 10:26:43: WARNING, [001234X3] 0x81310081 Authentication: Domain does not have permission to use ActiveSync

    Verify that MDaemon's ActiveSync server is enabled globally and per domain within the MDaemon console:
    1. Select Setup
    2. Select Mobile Device Management
    3. Check Enable ActiveSync server
    4. For select domain, verify that each of the domains that should be enabled are.
  • Is MDaemon's WorldClient server listening on the correct ports for ActiveSync?

    ActiveSync only works using HTTP or HTTPS connections. Verify that the WorldClient server is listening on either port 80 or 443.
    1. Select Setup
    2. Select Web and IM Services
    3. Select Web Server (for port 80)
    4. (optional) Select SSL & HTTPS (for port 443)

    You can verify that ActiveSync for MDaemon is listening by opening a web browser and entering;

    http://mail.domain.com/microsoft-server-activesync (port 80) or
    https://mail.domain.com/microsoft-server-activesync (port 443)

    You will see the ActiveSync for MDaemon banner and the version number of the ActiveSync server.

  • Is HTTP and/or HTTPS open on the firewall?

    Verify port 80 and/or 443 are open on any Windows Firewall or third party Firewall.
  • ActiveSync logs

    The MDaemon ActiveSync server will log all communication between the ActiveSync server and the client. If the connection from the device is established to the server, MDaemon will log that communication in the AirSync.log file within the MDaemon\Logs directory. These logs can give clues on why MDaemon is passing errors to the device, such as a bad username or password.