MDaemon 13.5.x: How to tell if a BlackBerry Smartphone is using Push for email or not

How to check a BlackBerry configuration to see if it is using Push for email.

From the MDaemon console: 

  1. Click Setup
  2. Click Mobile Device Management 
  3. Expand BlackBerry Internet Service
  4. Select Domains on the left pane
  5. Make sure the option that states Enable BlackBerry Internet Service integration is checked
  6. In the History section at the bottom you can check to see if there is an entry for the account that will look something like 
    SUBSCRIBE: user1@domain.com Fri Feb 25, 2010 16:32 
  7. Select Subscribers on the left pane 
    Note: This section will contain accounts that are setup for BlackBerry push mail.
  8. Check in this area for the user that you are trying to determine whether or not they are setup for push email
  9. Click Ok