Setting up MDaemon to dequeue your ISP or Gateway with ETRN or ATRN

This article explains how to dequeue your mail provider using ETRN or ATRN to receive email.

From the MDaemon console:

  1. Click the Setup menu
  2. Click Server Settings
  3. Click Mail Release
  4. Enable Signal remote host to release waiting mail
  5. Type the host name or IP of the mail provider within the Host name or IP field
  6. Type the port within the Port field (By Default port 25 is used, use 366 if configuring ATRN)
  7. Type the string provided by the mail provider within the Send this string of text to host field (example: ETRN example.com or ATRN example.com)
  8. Enable Send 'EHLO' before sending the text string
  9. Enable Authenticate using SMTP AUTH (required for ATRN) if using the ATRN option, and type the Logon and Password required.
  10. Click OK

Additional Comments

Note: Check with your provider to determine if they support either ATRN or ETRN, and to receive the information for the fields above. ATRN is the recommended dequeue method, as it requires authentication before mail is released.