MDaemon 13.x - Configuring MDaemon ActiveSync on a BlackBerry X10 or Z10

BlackBerry X10 and Z10 devices are not able to connect with MDaemon's BlackBerry Enterprise Servers as older BlackBerry devices did. Therefore, it is required that the device is configured to use ActiveSync to sync email, contacts, and calendars.

From the BlackBerry X10 or Z10 device:

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Accounts (Setup email, contacts, calendar)
  3. Hide the keyboard and select Advanced
  4. Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
  5. Fill in the following fields in the Account Setup dialog:
    • Enter Description: Change this if desired
    • Enter Domain: The 'domain' portion of your email address (example: example.com)
    • Enter Username: The 'user' portion of your email address (example: user01)
    • Enter Email Address: Your full email address (example: user01@example.com)
    • Enter Password: Your password
    • Enter Server Address: Your Server Name (example: mail.example.com)
    • Enter Port: The port you have WorldClient configured to listen on (80 or 443)
    • For Use SSL, select Off if using port 80 or select On if using port 443.
    • For Use VPN, select Off
    • For Push, select On
    • Sync Interval: Select Manual
    • Sync Time-frame: Select the time frame of data you'd prefer to sync