How to configure additional domains using MDaemon's Domain Manager

MDaemon's support for multiple domains is built around the concepts of a 'default' domain and one or more 'extra' domains.  MDaemon maintains local mailbox directories for all accounts within the default and all extra domains.

  1. Click Setup
  2. Click Domain Manager
  3. Click New Domain
  4. In the New domain name: field, type a secondary domain name (ex: example.com)
  5. Click the (+) symbol to expand the domain settings.
  6. Select Host Name & IP
    • Enter the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for the domain in the SMTP host name text box.
    • Enter the Domain's IPv4 Address
      • Click Detect to view the configured address.
    • Enter the Domain's IPv6 Address (if IPv6 is enabled)
      • Click Detect to view the configured address.
  7. Select Smart Host
    • Click Configure smart host for this domain to configure a smart host for delivery.
    • Authentication credentials to the smart host can be configured here as well.
  8. Select Accounts
    • This menu is used to view/create/edit/delete accounts.
  9. Select MDIM
    • MDaemon Instant Messenger settings can be configured for domain users here.
  10. Select Calendar
    • MDaemon Calendar options can be enabled here for Webmail and/or MDaemon Connector reminders.
    • The Free/Busy services can also be configured here.
  11. Select Webmail
    • Domain accounts Webmail features can be configured in this menu.
  12. Select Signatures
    • HTML and plain text domain signatures can be configured here.
  13. Select Settings
    • Account and mail pruning options.
    • Max message sizes for authenticated and other senders.
    • Enable/Disable MDaemon's AntiVirus (if activated) and/or SpamFilter for the domain.
  14. If you have any more domains to add, repeat steps 2-13
  15. Click OK