MDaemon 13.x : How to tell the BlackBerry Smartphone which Sent Items/Deleted Items folders it shoul

This article explains how to tell the BlackBerry which Sent Items/Deleted Items folders it should be using. 

To do this, open the MDaemon console

  1. Go to Setup tab
  2. Select Mobile Device Management...

  3. Then select Options tab under BlackBerry Internet Service
  4. Place a check mark in the box that says, 'Enable Sent/Deleted folder aliasing for BlackBerry users'
  5. Click Apply

  6. Click Ok

By default an internal folder aliasing scheme allows each user's 'Sent Items' and 'Deleted Items' folders to appear as values that BIS recognizes, no matter what those folders are actually called in the user's account. This doesn't alter any folder names in any way. It is entirely an internal aliasing function to help ensure that sent and deleted messages are placed into the proper MDaemon folders. As with the above option, this option operates independently from the account integration options. It can be used even if the Enable BIS integration option is disabled on the Domains screen. If you do not wish to alias these folders for BlackBerry users, disable this option.

Users can designate the folders they wish to use as their Sent Items and Deleted Items folders from the Folders page in WorldClient.