ActiveSync features by MDaemon version

This article details MDaemon's ActiveSync server features by the version of MDaemon. 

Features released in MDaemon's ActiveSync Server Introduced
Exempt Known ActiveSync Devices from Location Screening 18.0.0
Device Approval 17.0.0
ActiveSync Corrupt Message Notifications 17.0.0
ActiveSync Migration Client 16.0.0
Enhanced inheritable restrictions and settings 16.0.0
Public contacts sync with Outlook 2013/2016 15.5.0
Improved Mail Search - Sub-folders/Shared/Public 15.0.0
Mail Search 14.5.0
Shared Folder Syncing 14.0.0
Public Folder Syncing 13.5.0
Default Notes Sync 13.5.0
Follow up flags 13.5.0
ActiveSync Protocol Version 12.1/14.0/14.1 support 13.5.0
AutoDiscover Support 13.0.0
Device Policy Support 13.0.0
Support for Meeting Requests and Responses 13.0.0
Real Time Mail Delivery 12.5.4
Remote Wipe 12.5.4
GAL (Global Address List) Lookup 12.5.4
Sync User Created Mail Folders 12.5.0
Email Sync 12.5.0
Default Task Sync 12.0.1
Default Contact Sync 12.0.0
Default Calendar Sync 12.0.0
SSL Encrypted Transmissions 12.0.0
ActiveSync Protocol Version 2.5 support 12.0.0
MDaemon's ActiveSync server is a separately licensed product available from Alt-N Technologies.  ActiveSync for MDaemon will not work beyond a one-time 30-day evaluation period unless a license is purchased.  For more information on purchasing a license for MDaemon's ActiveSync server, please click ActiveSync for MDaemon.