How to use Group Policy to deploy the MDaemon Connector Client (MSI)

This article explains how to use Group Policy in Active Directory to deploy the MDaemon Connector Client (MSI) to machines connected to the domain.

  1. In the link below, select the MSI file from the Client Installer button.
    Client Installers - MDaemon Connector for Outlook 
  2. Log on to the server computer as an administrator
  3. Create a shared network folder and assign the appropriate permissions to the folder for the users to access it.
  4. Place the MSI file you downloaded in Step 1 in the above folder
  5. Launch the Control Panel
  6. Select Administrative Tools
  7. Click Active Directory Users and Computers
  8. Right Click on the domain
  9. Click Properties
  10. Click the Group Policy tab
  11. Select Open
  12. Select Actions
  13. Select Create and Link a GPO Here...
  14. Type the name of the Group Policy Object (For example: Outlook connector MSI)
  15. Double Click the Group Policy Object and edit the Scope if necessary to include the computers that you wish to assign the MSI to
  16. Right Click the Group Policy Object you created and click Edit
  17. Expand Software Settings under Computer Configuration
  18. Right Click Software installation
  19. Select New
  20. Click Package
  21. Type the full UNC path of the shared folder you created in step 3.
    (Do not browse out to the folder, for example: \\server01\install\MDaemonConnectorClient64.msi)
  22. Click Open
  23. Select Assigned
  24. Click OK
  25. When the client computer starts, the MDaemon Connector Client is automatically installed. 

Additional Comments

Note: The setup and configuration of the MDaemon Connector MSI via Group Policy is NOT supported by technical support