(FAQ) What is BlackBerry Mobile Data System - Connection Service (MDS-CS)?

What is BlackBerry Mobile Data System - Connection Service (MDS-CS)?

MDaemon’s MDS-CS permits behind the firewall access to files and web applications from BlackBerry devices. This will (for example) allow you to access your private Intranet without a VPN connection.

MDS-CS also allows access to network file shares from the Files application on the BlackBerry smartphone.

MDaemon’s MDS-CS by default runs on port 8080. You may configure this within the MDaemon GUI:

  1. Click the Setup menu
  2. Click BlackBerry Device Management…
  3. Click MDS-CS
  4. Edit the Web server listens on port field
  5. Click Ok

BlackBerry Device OS 5.0 may require configuring the BlackBerry Browser manually on the smartphone:

  1. Click the Options icon
  2. Select Advanced Options
  3. Select Browser
  4. Select BlackBerry Browser for the Default browser configuration: field

BlackBerry Device OS 6.0 and above should automatically detect whether the URL is available via the Internet Browser or the BlackBerry Browser.