Over The Air (OTA) activations with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) enabled MDaemon account are

This article explains how to identify and troubleshoot issues with Over The Air (OTA) activation.

OTA activations only work with BES rated carrier plans currently. This is due to some carriers not allowing access to the Enterprise Activation option on a BIS rated carrier plan. MDaemon still allows BIS rated carrier plans to activate with a ‘BES enabled’ MDaemon account. However, you will need to use the USB activation method. (Note: See Related Articles below)

If the OTA process stops responding at the Activating stage:

  1. Attempt to remove and reinsert the BlackBerry Smartphone battery.
  2. Register the BlackBerry device with the wireless network: http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/KB00510
  3. Check the BlackBerry device for a confirmation email message. When the email message arrives, the BlackBerry should register on the wireless network and the enterprise activation process should finish. If the enterprise activation process does not finish, contact the wireless service provider to confirm that the BlackBerry device has been provisioned correctly.
  4. During an OTA, the BlackBerry device will send an email to the MDaemon’s user account inbox. The email is processed by MDaemon and is instantly removed from the user’s inbox.

    Often times, this may be stopped by an external spam filter or possibly even an IMAP filter rule.

    This email will typically come from *@*blackberry.* but may change at any given time. You may white list that address and attempt to OTA again.

If you are unable to use the OTA method, you can use the USB activation method. (Note: See Related Articles below)

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This feature is only available in MDaemon Pro.

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