(FAQ) How to downgrade to a previous version of MDaemon

Please follow the steps below to downgrade MDaemon to a prior version.  This article can be used for any currently supported version of MDaemon.  If the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) components have been installed and are no longer used, they can be removed from the Programs section of Windows.  If the BES components are not installed, all steps regarding BES can be ignored below.

  1. Download the previous version (the version to which you are downgrading) of MDaemon and other software from our archive sitehttp://archive.altn.com/
    • The installation file will be named: md**_??.exe or md**_??_x64 for the 64-bit version (**=version number) (??=language) 
  2. If BES is installed, follow these steps to stop the BES services.  
    • Click Setup
    • Click Mobile Device Management
    • Select BlackBerry Enterprise Server
    • Un-check Enable BlackBerry Enterprise Server
    • Click OK to stop the MDaemon BES services.
  3. Shut down MDaemon by clicking the Windows Start button > Programs > MDaemon > Stop MDaemon
    • Open the Processes tab in Windows Task Manager:
    • Click the Windows Start button
    • Select Run
    • Type 'taskmgr.exe'
    • In the Task Manager window, select the Processes tab 
  4. Review the Processes tab to determine whether the following MDaemon processes have stopped:
    • CFEngine.exe
    • clamd.exe
    • MDaemon.exe
    • MDSpamD.exe
    • WCXMPPServer.exe
    • WebAdmin.exe
    • WorldClient.exe
  5. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the \MDaemon folder
    • The default path is C:\MDaemon
  6. Rename the following folders found in the \MDaemon folder by adding '.old' to the end of the folder name (Example: App.old)
    • App 
    • SpamAssassin
    • WorldClient 
    • WebAdmin
  7. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to you previous version's backup folder: \MDaemon\Backup\(version)
  8. From the \MDaemon\backup\(version) folder, copy the App folder to the \MDaemon folder.
  9. From the \MDaemon\backup\(version) folder, copy the SpamAssassin folder to the \MDaemon folder.
  10. Double-click the file that you downloaded in Step 1 to install MDaemon, while ensuring that you install to the same path where MDaemon is currently installed. 
  11. When prompted, make sure the Start MDaemon option during the final step of the installation is un-checked.
  12. Copy the WorldClient.ini file from the renamed \MDaemon\WorldClient.old to \MDaemon\WorldClient
  13. Copy the WebAdmin.ini file from the renamed \MDaemon\WebAdmin.old to \MDaemon\WebAdmin
  14. Start MDaemon by clicking the Windows Start button / Programs / MDaemon / Start MDaemon 

Additional Comments

You can obtain registration keys for previous versions of MDaemon by opening the following file in Notepad:
The registration key is can be found by searching for: 6XKey= in the MDaemon.ini file.