AddrLdap.exe Is Missing After Upgrading To MDaemon 11

AddrLdap.exe Is Missing After Upgrading To MDaemon 11

Beginning with MDaemon 11, the address book migration tool (AddrLdap.exe) will no longer be included in any future version of our mail server software.  The exclusion of this file will not have any effect on those who are currently running MDaemon 6.5.0 or later.

If you are running any version of MDaemon earlier than 6.5.0, and wish to upgrade to MDaemon 11 or higher, we recommend that you perform an incremental upgrade to MDaemon 11.  If you upgrade to any version of MDaemon that was released prior to version 11, your address book data will be migrated into the current XML-based storage files.  After that upgrade has completed, you can then upgrade to MDaemon 11 or later.

We recommend that you upgrade to MDaemon 9.0.0 before you upgrade to the latest update of MDaemon 11. 
That version of MDaemon can be found here:  http://archive.altn.com/mdaemon/Archive/9.0.0/

NOTE: Before upgrading, be sure to make a backup copy of your entire MDaemon directory structure.