Calendar items not being sent to server via SyncML on a BlackBerry Smartphone

When you use a SyncML client to synchronize your calendar items to the MDaemon server, items on the server are sent to the device, but items on the device may not be copied to the server.

BlackBerry smartphones support having multiple calendars. If your BlackBerry collects mail from multiple accounts, and you accept calendar invitations under those accounts, the events will be placed into the calendar for that particular account.

In order to synchronize items up to the MDaemon server, they must be in calendar specified as being the default calendar.

To move existing items to the default calendar in order to synchronize them, follow the steps in this BlackBerry.com Knowledge Base article:

KB19240 How to merge multiple calendars into one calendar on the BlackBerry smartphone

This will not cause new items to be automatically saved to the default calendar. New items have to be accepted and then moved to the default calendar (using scenario 3 in the above linked article). 

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