(FAQ) Which addresses could be used to browse to the WorldClient log in page?

I use WorldClient as my email client, but I don't know what address to use to browse to the site. What should I do?

WorldClient is accessed by typing an URL into the address bar of your web browser. The exact URL or IP address will depend on the name of the server and/or the configuration of your network. By default, WorldClient runs on port 3000, to avoid conflicts with any other web servers that may be installed. You will need to specify the port if your administrator has not changed it to the default HTTP port of 80.

You should contact your local network administrator to confirm the exact address you should use to connect to the WorldClient web site. However, there are some common URLs you may wish to try first. Replace 'example.com' in the examples below with the domain name of your company or organization - generally the part of your email address (i.e. user01@example.com) after the @ symbol.

Examples of addresses to try:

'http://mail.example.com:3000' or 'http://mail.example.com'
'http://smtp.example.com:3000' or 'http//:smtp.example.com'
'http://pop.example.com:3000' or 'http://pop.example.com'
'http://webmail.example.com:3000' or 'http://webmail.example.com'

Some administrators may require that you use SSL to browse to the WorldClient site, to provide encryption and ensure the identity of the server to which you are connecting. If the default SSL port of 443 is being used, you do not have to specify the port when typing in the URL. If another web site is running on that port already, however, the administrator may use port 4443. You will need to type in the port if that is being used.

Try these common addresses, again replacing example.com with your own company or organization's domain name:

'https://mail.example.com' or 'https://mail.example.com:4443'
'https://smtp.example.com' or 'https://smtp.example.com:4443'
'https://pop.example.com' or 'https://pop.example.com:4443'
'https://webmail.example.com' or 'https://webmail.example.com:4443'


Additional Comments

WorldClient is a fully featured web-mail interface that is included with MDaemon. It allows users to access their email accounts to send and receive email from any web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Alt-N does not have direct access to mail servers running the MDaemon software, and does not have the correct address your network/IT administrator(s) have configured WorldClient to use. If the suggested addresses above do not work, you will have to contact your local IT department for assistance.