(FAQ) Why won't MDaemon start after moving it to a new machine?

MDaemon will not start after moving it to a new machine.

This typically happens if MDaemon is setup to run as a service on the old machine; since the service isn't copied over, and therefore doesn't exist on the new server, it cannot start correctly. This can happen if you move MDaemon to a new server and try to start it before running the installer, for example.

To correct the problem open the MDaemon.ini file which can be found in the \MDaemon\App directory. Search for a StartedAsService key, set it to No, and save the INI file. Start MDaemon by double clicking the MDaemon.exe file also found in the \MDaemon\App directory.

Once MDaemon has started you will need to re-install the service.

From the MDaemon menu bar:

  1. Select Setup.
  2. Select Preferences...
  3. Select Windows Service
  4. Click the Install Service button.
  5. Click OK 
  6. MDaemon will then display a prompt to restart services.
  7. Select Yes to have MDaemon restart as a system service.