(FAQ) How do I disable the Language and/or Theme options from the WorldClient login page?

The article below will show MDaemon administrators how to completely remove the ability to choose a theme and/or language in WorldClient's main login page.

There are two lines to add to the Domains.ini in the WorldClient folder.  

Follow these steps on the MDaemon server machine:

  1. Open Windows Explorer
  2. Browse to the \MDaemon\WorldClient directory.
  3. Open Domains.ini in a text editor

  4. Locate the section labeled [Default:Settings]
  5. Verify the following lines do not already exist anywhere under the [Default:Settings] section of the Domains.ini file.
  6. Edit as desired if they exist.
  7. Add the lines to the [Default:Settings] section if they do not exist.

  8. Save the Domains.ini file
  9. Restart the WorldClient server.
    1. Open the MDaemon GUI
    2. Click the Setup
    3. Click Web & IM Services...
    4. Select Web Server under the WorldClient (web mail) section.
    5. Click the Restart WorldClient
    6. Click OK