How to run Remote Administration under IIS7 on Windows 2008

This article will provide basic information on how to run Remote Administration (formerly WebAdmin) under IIS7 on Windows 2008

  1. Install the Web Server Role with ISAPI and CGI (for exact steps please consult your Operating System documentation)
  2. Open the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager console
  3. Create the RemoteAdmin site:
    1. On the Connections pane, expand the [Machine_name] node
    2. Right click on Sites
    3. Click Add Web Site
    4. Enter a Site name (i.e. RemoteAdmin). This will also automatically create an Application Pool by the same name as the website.
    5. Click the browse button (the button with '...') by Physical path and browse to and select the
      MDaemon\WebAdmin\Templates directory
    6. Click OK
    7. Configure the desired bindings as desired in the Binding section
    8. Click OK
  4. Configure the RemoteAdmin website:
    1. Configure the Default Document:
      1. Click on the RemoteAdmin site in the Connections pane
      2. Double click on Default Document
      3. Select the first existing Default document name
      4. Click Remove on the Actions pane
      5. Click Yes for the confirmation alert
      6. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for each remaining Default document name
      7. Click Add
      8. Type login.wdm
      9. Click OK
    2. Configure the Handler Mappings:
      1. Double-click on the site in the left hand pane
      2. Double-click on Handler Mappings
      3. Click Edit Feature Permissions
      4. Verify the boxes for Read and Script are selected (checked), and select (check) the box for Execute
      5. Click OK
      6. Click Add Script Map on the right hand pane
      7. In the Request path box, enter *.wdm
      8. Click the browse button beside the Executable box (the button with '...') and browse to MDaemon\WebAdmin\Templates\WebAdmin.dll
      9. Click OK
      10. Enter RemoteAdmin in the Name box
      11. Click OK
      12. Click Yes on the 'Do you want to allow this ISAPI extension...' message
  5. Configure the RemoteAdmin Application pool:
    1. Double click on Application Pools in the Connection pane
    2. Click the RemoteAdmin pool to select it
    3. Click Advanced Settings in the Actions pane
    4. Set .NET Framework Version to 'No Managed Code'
    5. Set Managed Pipeline Mode to 'Classic'
    6. Set Identity to LocalSystem
    7. Click OK
    8. Click OK
  6. Give the IUSR account full control on the MDaemon directory.
  7. Set Remote Administration to run under IIS:
    1. Open the MDaemon console:
      1. Click Start
      2. Click All Programs
      3. Click MDaemon
      4. Click Start MDaemon
    2. Click Setup
    3. Click Web & IM Services...
    4. Under Remote Administration select Web Server
    5. Select Remote Administration runs using external webserver (IIS, Apache, etc)
    6. Click OK

Additional Comments

The setup of this program under IIS is NOT supported by tech support, and those who choose to run Remote Administration under IIS must be aware of all security issues and ramifications of running any applications under IIS. It is recommended that all patches and updates be installed on IIS before the configuration of Remote Administration as an ISAPI extension.