How to setup BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS) Integration in MDaemon

Introduced in MDaemon 11, this article explains how to enable Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) in MDaemon.  This will to allow user accounts to automatically 'push' email received to a legacy Blackberry device and route email that's sent from the device through MDaemon for further processing.

From the MDaemon console:

  1. Click the Setup menu
  2. Select Mobile Device Management
  3. Select BlackBerry Internet Server
  4. Select Domains
  5. Enable BlackBerry Internet Service integration
  6. Click OK

Once enabled, you can then further configure the options as desired. They are as follows:

  • Domain

This is where you can configure settings for each of your local domains in MDaemon on a specific basis, and decide how MDaemon sends and receives mail from the BlackBerry smartphone. The settings are as follows:

  • Select domain

If you wish to only allow BlackBerry integration on certain domains, select them from the drop-down menu and enable Enable BIS integration for this domain as desired.

  • Use SSL port

If you want MDaemon to send out email to the BIS servers over the dedicated SSL port, enable this option. Note this does require the dedicated SSL ports option to be enabled in the security settings, and is disabled by default.

  • Subscribe URL

This address is what the BIS servers use to tell MDaemon about a new local user setting up their BlackBerry smartphone to push mail to and from the smartphone. It is created from your WorldClient settings, so you should not need to change anything here.

  • SMTP server

This is the hostname (or IP address) that the BIS server connects to when one of the integrated BlackBerry smartphones sends out a message. It is also created from the settings, so you should not need to change this.

  • Use SSL port

As the previous setting, if you want MDaemon to listen for incoming SMTP connections from the BIS server on the dedicated SSL port, enable this option. This also requires the dedicated SSL ports to be enabled in your security settings, and is disabled by default.

  • SMTP and IMAP servers use STARTTLS whenever possible

If you want to make sure MDaemon always makes a secure connection using SSL before sending or receiving mail from (or to) the BIS servers, enable this option. This is disabled by default.

  • Integrated Accounts

This is a list of all accounts that have configured the BlackBerry smartphone's BIS accounts to connect to MDaemon and integrate with their local account. You can click on any number of accounts here and then click on Unsubscribe to remove the integration on their account if you wish. This is disabled by default.

  • Options

This is where you can enable more options regarding BlackBerry integration with user accounts, including folder mapping and logging features. They are as follows:

  • Allow section of non-Inbox folder content to send to BlackBerry

This enables the Inbox Mapping feature, which is a way for messages that are delivered to sub-folders in a user's account (via a content-filter rule or IMAP filter rule) to be 'pushed' to the BlackBerry as if it was delivered directly to their Inbox. This can be further configured by editing the accounts under the Accounts menu, or via WorldClient by the user themselves, and is enabled by default.

  • Enable Sent/Deleted folder aliasing for BlackBerry users

This will route any message sent or deleted on the user's BlackBerry to the designated folder on their account, so they will be kept up to date. This is enabled by default.

  • Apply Attachment Linking to BlackBerry integrated accounts

This will automatically configure any user's account to use MDaemon's Attachment Linking feature when they setup their BlackBerry to integrate with their MDaemon account. The BIS server has a similar function, but this can be useful if you want to make sure the attachment is maintained on your server instead. This is disabled by default.

  • Allow multiple BlackBerry smartphones to integrate with same MDaemon account

If you have users who're using more than one BlackBerry device and they want them all to be able to access email on their account on all of them, enable this option. This is disabled by default.

  • Log BIS IMAP activity

This will log any IMAP connection information, including commands passed between the MDaemon server and the BIS servers, to the BIS tab in MDaemon, or the BIS logfile in the MDaemon logs folder. This is enabled by default.

  • Log full notifications from BIS servers

This will add any potentially important messages from the BIS servers in the BIS logfile and tab in the console, which may be useful to troubleshoot a technical issue. This is enabled by default.

Additional Comments

Note that BlackBerry integration is only offered in MDaemon Pro and requires WorldClient to be enabled.