(FAQ) Configuring MDaemon's Attachment Linking feature to extract attachments from messages and store them on the server

Attachment linking is useful for cutting down on bandwidth used by not downloading large files via email, speeding up the delivery of messages to users by making them much smaller or accessing them on mobile devices, which normally have limits on the size of email messages received.

This article explains how to use MDaemon's Attachment Linking feature, which moves file attachments from incoming/outgoing messages to a default or specified location.  The attachments in the messages are replaced with a web address the recipient can click on to retrieve the attachment.

To enable Attachment Linking, open the MDaemon console and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Setup menu
  2. Click Web & IM Services...
  3. Select Attachment Linking
  4. Select Enable Attachment Linking
  5. Choose Let Webmail automatically manage attachment linking or Manually configure Attachment Linking
    • If manually configuring Attachment Linking, the Attachment Path can be modified and Webmail URL entered.
    • The default attachment path syntax is as follows; \MDaemon\Attachments\$DOMAIN$\$USERNAME$
  6. Enter the value to Ignore attachments smaller than this many KB (0 = none)
  7. Enter the value to Delete attachments older than this many days (0 = none)
  8. (Optional) Check Delete attachments from disk when messages are deleted
  9. (Optional) Check Extract quoted-printable "text/plain" attachments
    • By default, quoted printable text/plain attachments will not be extracted.
  10. Click the White list button to configure file names that should not be extracted.
    • One file name per line.
    • No wild-cards.
  11. Click OK when finished.

To configure outbound attachment linking, see the article below.
Configuring Attachment Linking for outbound messages