(FAQ) How can I set all incoming email as 'read' in an IMAP account?

How can I set all new incoming email as 'read' in an IMAP account?

This can be done by editing the hiwater.mrk file in the root of the account's mailbox folder and adding the right setting:

  1. On the MDaemon server, open Windows Explorer
  2. Navigate to the \MDaemon\Users\$domain$\$username$ folder (or whatever the path is to the user's mailbox)
  3. Open the hiwater.mrk file using Notepad, or any other text-editing program
  4. Locate the [Settings] section
  5. Add the following on its own line:
  6. Save the file and close

Additional Comments

Any existing mail that is currently marked as unread will still be unread in the account. This setting will only apply to new mail that is delivered after the setting is added.