Double clicking WorldClient Instant Messenger icon does not open inbox in default browser

If you double-click on the WorldClient Instant Messenger icon in the sytem tray (the area next to the clock on the Taskbar) it does not launch your default Internet browser and go to your WorldClient inbox. There is no error message. If WorldClient Instant Messenger is configured to launch an IM window when double-clicking the tray icon, that works.

The browser is not correctly set as the default browser in Windows. If using Windows XP SP1 or higher, follow these steps to set the browser as default:

  1. Click 'Start'
  2. Point to 'All Programs'
  3. Click 'Set Program Access and Defaults'
  4. Place the radio button next to 'Custom'.
  5. If 'custom' already selected, click the downward pointing double arrows on the right to expand the list of programs.
  6. Click the radio button next to the web browser that you would like to use as a default web browser.
  7. Click the 'OK' button.