(FAQ) What is the purpose of the Configuration Session?

What is the purpose of the Configuration Session?

The Configuration session was added in version 9.5 of MDaemon. It replaced the separate 'Ghost' program manager icon, and the /ghost switch was dropped from the MDaemon.exe executable.

Launching MDaemon for the first time starts all the mail services while any subsequent launch either starts or brings to the fore the Configuration Session.

The main MDaemon Console must cede resources to the mail services in order to avoid slowdowns of mail processing. That can cause lag or 'flickering' in the main MDaemon console. The Configuration Session runs as a separate instance, and does not share resources with the main interface.

Windows 2008 and Windows Vista do not allow services to directly interact with the desktop, so you cannot open the main MDaemon console on those systems. Instead, you will need to open a Configuration Session.

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