MDaemon message file names

MDaemon message file names

The message file names (the names on disk) in MDaemon use a system that consists of 3 parts. A sample file name will look like this:


The file name is composed of three parts.

  1. The 'MD' indicates that this is an MDaemon email message. If it starts with 'PD' (mainly when it's in the local or remote queue only), this means that it has been processed by the content filter.
  2. The next two digits are the precedence value of the message from 0-99. This is the relative sort order of the message during the delivery process. When it's time to deliver the mail in a queue, messages with lower values are delivered first. The lower the number, the more important the message is. MDaemon has predefined the following precedence values:
    • 10 - Precedence_Urgent - Messages which match the priority mail settings get this level assigned to them.
    • 25 - Precedence_High - Some important system messages from MDaemon to users might get this level assigned to them.
    • 50 - Precedence_Normal - Normal email sent from one user to another.
    • 75 - Precedence_Low - Messages generated via the RAW system get this level assigned to them by default, however, RAW messages can have their precedence level assigned dynamically.
    • 80 - Precedence_Bulk - Mailing list messages have this level by default.
    • 90 - Precedence_Retry - Delivery of message in the retry queue gets a very low precedence rating.
  3. The last 9 digits of the file name is the message number. 9 digits will allow up to 999,999,999 messages to be in the same queue or folder at the same time. Keep in mind that there are also operating system and file system limitations that may cause the limit in certain circumstances to be lower.