SecurityPlus 5.1.0 and below - What do I do with a virus that is not being detected by SecurityPlus?

Please note - This article pertains to messages scanned by the Kaspersky engine in SecurityPlus versions 5.1.0 and below ONLY!

If you have made sure that your virus definitions are updated and SecurityPlus is still not detecting it, submit the file to Kaspersky.

Zip the file with a password.

Send the sample and the password in the message body to newvirus@kaspersky.com. The recipients of the newvirus@kaspersky.com address are analysts only responsible for virus signature records and do not answer any requests for support. 

Additional Comments

The same procedure should be used when the AntiVirus engine in MDaemon detects a file as a virus but it is not one. Again, be sure to zip and password protect the file.