Sending mail for specific domains out through specific outbound servers

Some domains will not accept mail from dynamic IP addresses or your MDaemon server may not be able to connect to specific mail servers for a variety of reasons. When this is the case, you may use the mxcache.dat file to route mail destined for certain domains through another server (for example, your ISP or web hosting mail server).

The mxcache.dat file is located in \MDaemon\app. Open the file with Notepad to edit it. Keep a copy as a backup. The commented text in the mxcache.dat file has instructions and samples:

# Use this file is you want to cache MX hosts for certain domains.
# Keep in mind that all the entries in this file are stored in RAM
# at all times for performance reasons.  As a result if you edit
# this file you must either restart MDaemon or create a semaphore
# file called MXCACHE.SEM in the \App\ directory so MDaemon will
# reload any changes.
# Lines beginning with # are comments.  Create entries of the form:
# Domain Name Precedence Host [{IP Address}] [AUTH Logon] [AUTH Password].

Example:  To send mail for rim.com through domain123.example.com, the entry would be:

rim.com 10 domain123.example.com

If you need to enter a username and password you may do so:

rim.com 10 domain123.example.com user01@example.com password