Setting up Windows Mobile devices to connect to MDaemon's SyncML service via the Synthesis client

This article will explain configuring a Windows Mobile device to connect to MDaemon's SyncML service. The recommended client for Windows Mobile devices is the Synthesis client.

  1. Download and install the Synthesis client from http://www.synthesis.ch/prod_client.php?lang=e&lay=desk
  2. On the mobile device, select 'Applications'
  3. Execute the Synthesis SyncML application
  4. Select 'Extras'
  5. Select 'Settings'
  6. Enter the following settings:
    Host: http://mail.example.com:3000/MDSyncml.dll (where mail.example.com:3000 is the URL of the WorldClient server)
    Username: Your MDaemon email address
    Password: Your MDaemon password
  7. Select which items you would like to synchronize
  8. Select the 'Organizer' tab
  9. Enter 'contacts' for the contacts server path
  10. Enter 'calendar' for the events server path
  11. Enter 'tasks' for the tasks server path
  12. It is recommend that the 'Only from...' option is enabled. This feature allows you to limit which calendar events are sent to the device.
  13. Select 'OK'
  14. Select the 'Synchronization' icon