Setting up BlackBerry devices to connect to MDaemon's SyncML service via the SyncJe client

This article will explain configuring a BlackBerry device to connect to MDaemon's SyncML service. The recommended client for BlackBerry devices is the SyncJe client by Nexthaus.

  1. SyncJe installation and download instructions can be found on http://www.nexthaus.com/blackberry.html
  2. From the BlackBerry device, run the SyncJe Client
  3. Click the scroll wheel and select 'Settings'
  4. Enter the following settings:
    Host: http://mail.example.com:3000/MDSyncml.dll (where mail.example.com:3000 is the URL of the WorldClient server)
    Username: Your MDaemon email address
    Password: Your MDaemon password
  5. Click the scroll wheel and select 'Get Folders' This will automatically populate the folder names for calendar, contacts and tasks.
  6. It is recommended to use the 'Only sync events between...' option. This feature allows you to limit which calendar events are sent to the BlackBerry.
  7. Click the scroll wheel and select 'Save'
  8. Click the scroll wheel and select 'Start sync'