How to consolidate domains and users from multiple MDaemon servers into a single MDaemon server

If you need to move domains and users from one MDaemon server on to another existing MDaemon server, please review the steps below.

NOTE: Please back all of these files up before making changes to them!

  1. Copy the user directories over to the new machine (the default directory is \MDaemon\Users\).  
    • Include the domain directories that contain the user directories.
    • Do not include the MDaemon account.
    • Make sure the paths to the user directories are correct for the new environment (Use Notepad or another plain-text editor that does not add any formatting).
  2. Manually create it as a secondary domain on the destination machine if you want to move the primary domain from the original server.
  3. Copy the entries from the domains.dat file in the \MDaemon\App\ to the same file on the destination machine.
    • Change any IP= lines that need to be changed.
  4. Restart MDaemon

The domains (if created), users (including passwords), and mail directories will now appear on the destination machine.