(FAQ) Can I add external addresses to the everyone list?

Can I add non-local addresses to MDaemon's everyone list?

The everyone list is created by MDaemon each time the server starts and should not be edited - any edits will be overwritten by the software.

However, you can create a separate list that has all of the MDaemon users from a specific domain as well as any other addresses you want (local or otherwise).  Create the list in MDaemon's GUI with no members. Then, edit the file with Notepad (the file will be \MDaemon\app\list@example.com.grp where list is the list name and domain.com is the domain name for the list), and add this to the end of the file:


(Where domain.com is the local MDaemon domain.)  Be sure to leave a blank line after all the configuration settings for the list before adding this entry.

Any user that is not set to 'hide from everyone list' for that domain in MDaemon will now receive a copy of the list message and be able to post to the list.