Message Priority Values in MDaemon

Message Priority Values in MDaemon


MDaemon uses a number system when creating or processing messages to determine message processing order. 

These numbers or message priorities can be changed via the content filter to change the order of messages to be sent out.  Ranging from 0 to 99, here are some guidelines:

10 = Urgent
50 = Normal
80 = Bulk

MDaemon will attempt to deliver a message with a value of 10 before one with a value of 90.

MDaemon mailing lists also have the option to set a custom priority - see the list's options tab: 'Delivery precedence level for this list's traffic.'

When MDaemon processes a mail queue such as remote or retry, it looks for the lower precedence values first. If a queue run is already in progress, MDaemon does not insert higher-priority messages above ones that are already queued if they come in after the run has started.

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