Importing Accounts From a Text File

MDaemon has a built in tool to import accounts from a text file.  This is a simple method for importing and automatically generating mail accounts. MDaemon will read a text file and generate new mail accounts using as little as just the first and last names of the user.

Click the Accounts | Importing… | Import accounts from a comma delimited text file… menu selection to access this account generation feature. It can also be reached by clicking the Import button on the Account Manager.  If you are careful to setup your account template strings properly (see New Account Defaults) you can generate unique accounts using only the first and last names, but you can also include many other options for specific user settings if you want to override the new account defaults. All fields must be separated by commas.

Each line of the comma delimited text file must contain only a single entry. The first line must be a base line giving the names and sequence of the fields in subsequent lines. A sample file would look something like this:

''Mailbox'', ''FullName'', ''MailDir'', ''AllowAccess''
''Megan'', ''Megan Acheson'', ''C:\Mail\Megan\'', Y
''Andrea'', ''Andrea Aime'', ''C:\Mail\Andrea\'', N

Note: field names in the base line are used by MDaemon to determine the data sequence and can therefore appear in any order. Each of the field names must be in quotes.

All ''String'' values must be contained in quotes, and a ''bool'' field value is considered FALSE unless the first char is: y, Y, 1, t, or T.

First, middle, and last names are acceptable in each full name, however, you may not use commas in them.

After running the import process, MDaemon will create TXIMPORT.LOG, detailing the import results and listing which accounts imported successfully and which failed. Typical reasons why an account might not be imported would include a conflict with an existing account’s mailbox, name, or directory information, a conflict with an existing alias to an account, or a conflict with a mailing list name.

Use the following values in the base line to map to MDaemon account fields:

FieldName Type
MailBox string
Domain string
FullName string
MailDir string
Password string
AutoDecode bool
IsForwarding bool
AllowAccess bool
AllowChangeViaEmail bool
KeepForwardedMail bool
HideFromEveryone bool
EncryptMail bool
ApplyQuotas bool
EnableMultiPOP bool
MaxMessageCount int
MaxDiskSpace int
FwdAddress string
FwdHost string
FwdSendAs string
FwdPort string
NTAccount string
MailFormat string
AutoRespScript string
AutoRespProcess string
AddToList bool
RemoveFromList bool
PassMessageToProcess bool
MaxUIDLCount int
MaxMessageSize int
RecurseIMAP bool
MaxInactive int
MaxMessageAge int
MaxDeletedIMAPMessageAge int
Comments string
UserDefined string